Smart Option of Becoming a Model in Webcam

Becoming a webcam model means starting a job at home in a sector that is a little daring but which is very profitable. If you have a little naughty mind and want to make ends meet, becoming a webcam model is the best solution. Are you wondering how to become a webcam model? Here is the option for you.

Become a webcam model

For starters, go for the number 1 Live Cam platform in Europe. It works with well-known partner sites. You will therefore have no problem finding an audience willing to pay to see you put on a show.

Becoming a webcam model to earn money with your computer is surely one of the easiest ways to make money from home. If you wish, you can even do it anonymously (by putting on a mask for example). The income of a webcam model will depend on your involvement in what you do. The longer your audience stays, the more your pay rate will increase.

Some webcam models on the platform earn 70 € / hour! Well it is true that the average is more in the 30 € / h but who knows, you may be the exception to the rule. You can make € 2,000 per month quite easily by working from home at the hours that suit you best. You are your own boss.

What does it take to become a webcam model?

Anyone over the age of 18 (or holding the legal majority in their country) can easily register as a webcam model. You must have a recent computer with a fast internet connection, a webcam and a bank account. The platform works with Flash Player, free software often configured by default on most computers.

Anyone can register, regardless of your physique, gender or age. Customers appreciate all types of models! No need to be the model type! Anyone who knows how to attract, seduce and flirt are welcome! There are many advantages to working at adult industry:

  • No fees, you just make money
  • Work from home at any time 24 / 24h, 7 / 7days
  • You are paid twice a month
  • For private shows, you can choose your prices yourself, up to 6 times the normal price

How does the models platform work?

The webcam models is a platform that has 2 types of chat:

  • Freechat: In this chat, visitors can see you for free, it’s up to you to get their attention without giving them what they expect. Make them want to see you in a show by stripping you lightly (without showing everything)
  • Groupchat: There is no longer any question of holding back, but don’t go too fast either. Keep in mind that the longer your show lasts, the more money you earn. So learn to drag your show to length without annoying your audience. In this chat, the show can be seen by several people. If for example three people are part of the public, you earn three times the remuneration.