What the Experts Say About the Webcam Sex

For those who want to debut in the practice of sexting, the expert recommends: There must always be agreed guidelines, some in advance and others will be agreed as the meeting progresses. Everything must be discussed, proposed, asked. Virtuality brings us closer but also limits the bodily expressions that support communication.

If it’s not a known or stable link yet, don’t submit full-body photos and videos

Use apps that give you the option to send a video that can be viewed only once and is deleted without the possibility of downloading it (Instagram has it). Preserve your privacy.

Once all the security measures are in place comes the best part: the quarantine eroticism. The slow and subtle seduction, let your imagination fly and play, propose, explore.

Tell him the fantasies through livecam sex that awaken you, put together an erotic tale, your own book that can be read chapter by chapter at each meeting. An idea can be the typical “choose your own adventure”: one of the parties tells and gives options to the other, according to the choice the “story” continues and the bet becomes playful and participatory.

  • Think about where you would like to be with that person, doing what, at what time of day, what perfumes are there, what colors, what music or sounds are heard, what they are savoring. The perfect setting can be created do it.
  • That this way of connecting sexually is an invitation to investigate new relationships. Take the focus off the genitals, the nudes (nude / limb photos) and release creativity to stimulate all the senses.

Imagination is powerful: you just have to discover it and take advantage of it.

Vaginal and clitoral vibrators: they are an excellent option if what you are looking for is to stimulate both the internal and external areas, enjoying the pleasure provided by their high level of penetration and the different intensities and speeds of vibration.

Clitoral Suckers: Externally stimulate the clitoris without contact, using shock waves and a series of controllable exciting pulsations that make it possible to obtain greater pleasure.

The whale: it is a great sex toy to play alone since it allows, in people with a vulva, to stimulate the external area of ​​the clitoris and the G-spot internally, enjoying its 3 intensities and 7 vibration rates.

Remote vibrators: ideal toys to continue enjoying sexuality alone or with your partner at a distance during the period of isolation because they can be operated through a remote control or from an application that is downloaded free of charge to the cell phone.